Together we can a lot!!!

Доверие 1

Perhaps you agree with the statement that trust is a two-way street. I cannot think of a business in which a person may work quietly without it being necessary to trust anybody. Even freelance writers and web developers at some point must trust a respective contractual party in order for their products to become accessible to the wider public. The former must trust an editor and a publishing company and the latter must trust a customer to hire them for a project or to buy their software.

Look around, all around there are blocks of flats, houses, public buildings, roads, bridges, parks, gardens and so on, that is- things constructed by people. Some performed in a better way, some not so much. The most important is that someone somewhere trusted another person or a group of people in order for all these things to become a fact. It is true that we live in a country not so well-run where everyone has been deceived in one way or another. It is normal to be careful and cautious especially when it is about money.

Доверие 2

I have had customers who were greatly afraid to make an advance payment. I have seen people whose hands even tremble when making the first payment although we have a contract and they receive a document for the transfer of money. But it is only understandable having in mind the hard reality in which we live. Trust is difficult to be built and can be easily destroyed. Just like a house. You build it for years but you can destroy it for one day. It is normal to be watchful. Every day on the news we hear how someone swindles money out of  someone else. The schemes are a lot, for example real estate frauds, financial pyramids, non-bank financial institutions, telephone tricksters and what not. Moreover, a study by a popular business magazine states that automobile repair shops and construction are the two sectors with the lowest trust in society. Perhaps there is why.

Nevertheless, without taking a risk, be it a minimal one, is almost impossible to live in the contemporary world in this fast-paced daily life. Let us not forget the saying that ‘The biggest risk is life without risk’. Otherwise we must become outcasts but even deep in the mountain there is risk. Do we not risk when we drive every day on the roads, what about when we send our kids to school and when eating in a restaurant? There are numerous examples. The magic key is to find a reliable partner with whom to feel comfortable and whom you are ready to trust for performance of your project. A person who you can rely on and will not mislead you.