My name is Nikolay Nedyalkov. In 2008 I finished my higher education in Seattle, USA. I studied Management, Finances and Economics in the city of Microsoft, Boing, as well as of Nirvana. With the experience and know-how accumulated I decided to launch my own business in Bulgaria. So in 2011 I founded the company NPN Construction EOOD as a natural continuation of our family construction business which dates back to the distant 1991.

Why construction and in the time of crisis? Yes, we all know that the financial and economic crisis came to Bulgaria at the beginning of 2009 , the construction sector and the real estate market being the most affected. Nevertheless, as a person who loves challenges I decided to invest my time and energy in this business namely not only because of the family tradition but also because I am deeply convinced  that this is my calling and this is what I want to do. I like the idea of leaving a genuinely real product behind me which will not be destroyed in the course of time. Last but not least , there has always been construction and will always be while the world stands despite some temporary stagnation related to the economic cycle.

For me and my team the Customer is not just the next customer but also a reliable partner and a friend with whom together we can bring things to an end. Trust is a milestone in business relationships and for us it is crystal clear how many tears, how much sweat and blood are needed in order to win a Contracting entity and to preserve good relationships with them even years after the project has been completed. We strive to be proactive and to meet our customers’ needs as well as to show the required understanding and to be flexible when needed. Perhaps here is the place to briefly share with you my understanding why it is better to work with a serious and established in time company and not with random workers.

“Why a company and not a skilled worker ?” is a question whose answer most of you already know whether because they have suffered from self –proclaimed skilled workers or just reason logically. To those that hesitate what kind of contractor to select I would say that a company that has built name and reputation for years, that has invested much money in its development will in no way allow itself to make a mess at a site and not to take responsibility for the things it has performed. In addition, it would not break a promise or a contractual clause. Quality and subsequent warranty are key for a conscientious company that stands solidly on its feet. You can read more here.