Many people are in search for a big, warm and cheap ice cream but soon they realize that there is no such thing. In order for a site to be of good quality and to look well , the respective price must be paid. This reminds me of the old English saying ‘I am not rich enough to buy cheap things’. And it is completely true not only in the car industry, technology, food industry, pharmaceuticals but also in construction. There are indeed people who take an advantage of the price of a certain product or a service by intentionally inflating prices without there being any real improvements. But just think, most often in order for something to cost more, it means better and more expensive materials have been used as well as more qualified labour, that is the cost price of the product is higher.

I have seen part of the performance of works below in the style of ‘self-styled skilled worker’  at different public places and have taken photos in order for people to see what I mean when some works have been performed by non-professionals. At some others places I have been asked to go by anxious and regretful customers asking me ‘what can we do for this?’. In such situations I really do not know what to answer. Generally speaking there is nothing impossible but in order for something to turn out good, everything must be reworked from the beginning which is related to not at all little expenses and time.

Тук се чудя кое е повече в сантиметри - височината на цокъла или дебелината му

Here I am wondering what has more cm- the base height or its thickness

Май имаме теч

Perhaps we have a leakage

Явно има и елипсовидни мастари

Obviously there are also oval lutes

Още класика в жанра

Classical performance

Евтина суха мазилка на варо-циментова основа

Cheap dry coat on limestone-cement base

Класика в жанра

Another classical performance

Малко ни бяга фугата

The joint escapes us a bit

Тук също...

Here as well…

А тук можем да скрием цяла книга

And here we can hide a whole book

Когато са правени икономии

When savings have been made

Още икономии...

More savings…

Някой е експериментирал с венецианска мазилка

Someone has experimented with Venetian coating

Интересно решение...

An interesting solution…

Без коментар

No comment

Домашен майстор

Do it yourself

3 см или 3 ракии

3 cm or 3 glasses of rakia

Още от злополучната баня

More from the ill-fated bathroom

И още...

And more…

The site below is of one shop near Bankia. On the first picture we inspected the place and within a short term we provided an offer. After that, however, the customer selected a cheap team of workers and the following pictures show the result from ‘the economically most efficient price’. In several weeks, the customer asked us to go again but this time asking  whether we were able to set things right. The answer was short that everything must be done again. Finally the person left it like this.

Тук направихме оглед...

We made an inspection here…

А тук ни повикаха отново...

Here we were asked to go again…

Евтини материали и още по-евтини "майстори"

Cheap materials and even cheaper skilled worker

Евтини материали и още по-евтини "майстори"

Cheap materials and even cheaper skilled worker

 Непочистеният боклук тук е най-малката грижа. Погледнете дограмата

The building waste uncleaned is the least concern. Look at the joinery

The quality is remembered for a long time after you have forgotten the price!!!

I will give you some food for thought. Remember a good holiday you had recently or some time ago. You remember the sun, the water, the beach, the music, the entertainment places, the museums, the trips and the time you spent with your loved one. That is- you remember pleasant moments worth remembering. In the background rainy days, queues at the airport, the expensive taxi, the strange look of a passer-by remain and of course the money you spent on your holiday. Yes, these are the times when you counted the cash in your wallet, drew money from the cash machine, checked your online banking and the like. All this is somewhere deeply buried in your memories. First come out good moments and those that were really worth it. I am writing all this in order to make a parallel with construction. If you have invested a bigger amount of money in repair works, retrofitting, reconstruction or building a house and the result meets or exceeds your expectations, you will soon forget the amount of money in question but the end product from the well-done job will be before your eyes for years to come. Every day when you go back home, you will witness again and again the well-performed construction service and I guarantee to you that not for a single moment will you regret the money spent. Yes, you will pay a bit more for something but do not forget  that quality is remembered for a long time after you have forgotten the price.