This is an imaginary flat on the second floor which is located in one of the housing estates of the capital. The building was made of bricks at the end of 1970s. The total floorage of the apartment is approximately 100m2.

It needs overhaul.

The flooring is rotten, the doors and windows are old, a new water and sewerage system is needed, etc. The owner wants a suspended ceiling in all premises with mineral wool in order to level the ceilings, to reduce a bit the height of premises as well as to get additional heat and sound insulation. The whole flooring is removed and it is replaced with fibran with screed above. After consultations held, the owner decided to keep the old electricity installation but insisted on replacing the old water and sewerage pipes with new ones. The joinery and doors were ordered from a reliable partner of ours and the owner decided to make the external insulation in the spring. A plaster ground coat was needed after the old wall-paper was removed because there were a lot of uneven places and deformations which could not be removed only with the finishing coat. And of course after that finishing ground coat was put for smoothness and finishing of the wall. The big bedroom was painted with latex and in the smaller wall-paper was put. An additional price would be agreed for fitting switches, wall plugs and lighting fixtures. In all premises where laminate flooring or inlaid floor was planned self-leveling floor compound was put over the cement floor compound in order to create a perfectly level and smooth foundation. A company specialized in inlaid floors would lay the flooring having measured the humidity in the premises. The price for square meter for this type of overhaul is about EUR 85 as per an offer.


Скица Plan
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